Single Review: Katy B – Crying For No Reason

Katy B Little Red album cover

Katy B warms up for highly awaited sophomore record with new single

Katy B is preparing the release of Little Red, her sophomore album which will see the light of day in February. The singer took quite some time to create this important record in her career, taking into consideration that it has been almost three years since her debut On A Mission came out. In between the albums, she gave away the free EP Danger, but this year she started releasing singles from the upcoming album. In July she released ‘What Love Is Made Of’, that just missed out on top 20 in the UK charts, but earlier this month, she reached the 14th spot with the fantastic ‘5 AM’. This week, she premiered ‘Crying For No Reason’, her brilliant new single that will be released in January, just before Little Red hits the stores.

Katy B came seemingly out of nowhere when her singles like ‘Katy On A Mission’, ‘Lights On (feat. Miss Dynamite)’ and ‘Broken Record’ all reached high places in the British charts. Now three years later, she has to achieve hit singles without the hype that surrounded her when she first emerged on the scene, which is not always easy. The great thing, however, is that her material is not at all decreasing in quality. ‘5AM’ was definitely one of the best songs she did to date, with it’s banging production and infectious chorus. New single ‘Crying For No Reason’ is actually even more impressive and should become a huge hit in the UK and around the whole world for that matter.

The song starts out as a ballad, which one would not expect from Katy, as ‘Go Away’ was the only ballad-like song on her first album. Katy’s vocals are definitely capable of carrying this kind of songs. After the first chorus, ‘Crying With No Reason’ transforms into a mid tempo song with a pumping beat and drums. The added production and instrumentation do not take away from the personal and emotional lyrics of the song. It definitely is one of the most heartfelt things Katy B has done to date and her delivery of this personal story is absolutely convincing. The song basically is about pushing away negative feelings and emotions like they do not exist, but then suddenly when you do not expect it, they hit you hard. It is incredible how Katy B turned these emotions into a catchy and strong chorus. This is the kind of song that should be sung from the heart in a club when being sad and drunk. I know I will when I get the chance.

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