Album Review: Aiden – Aiden EP / Better Man

Aiden Aiden EP Better Man cover

Aiden launches impressive four track EP

A few weeks ago, Aiden Grimshaw surprised with a new stage name, a new image and a new musical style, when he released the track ‘Satisfy Me’. He has been premiering a new song every week ever since that day and those four new tracks are now compiled on his new Aiden EP. The singer posted the EP tracks on his Soundcloud page, but it is not yet known when or how it will be available to purchase. For now, let’s take a look at four impressive pieces of synthpop!

‘Satisfy Me’ was the first track to premiere, alongside with Aiden’s new look and Twitter page. As I already described in my review on this song, ‘Satisfy Me’ is somewhat rawer and more aggressive than we are used to from Aiden. The lyrics are feisty and the singer shows a different side to his music with his convincing and powerful delivery of the track. The song is more heavily influenced by synthesizers and electronic sounds than his earlier material and this is something that could be said about the whole EP.

‘The Cleaner’ is a somewhat lighter track, but still drenched in electronic sounds. Aiden experimented with effects on his own vocals here and it makes for an interesting track. The great production and beats make the song, but they never overshadow Aiden’s voice or lyrics. Above all, ‘The Cleaner’ has a strong and memorable chorus that definitely makes you want to listen to the song again. The beat on the verses of ‘Fire & Ice’ is not miles away from the sound that Aiden used on free download ‘The Way We Are’, that did not make the cut for the EP in the end. At the beginning of the chorus of ‘Fire & Ice’, we hear Aiden using the higher registers of his vocals while he sings/raps at a fast pace. The second part of this chorus has a great hook, where Aiden sings: ‘You and I go together like fire and ice’. He delivered another great pop track!

The standout song on this EP is probably ‘Better Man’. On this track, Aiden fully released his inner pop star with the catchiest thing he has done so far. There is definitely some hit potential in this song. ‘Better Man’ is a full on banger that could easily get the hands in the air in the clubs. The chorus where Aiden sings ‘I just wanna be close to you’ is insanely catchy and the swinging production with pumping beats and drums takes it to another level. The great thing is, that although this song absolutely sounds like a hit, it still has Aiden’s identity all over it. This EP is a cohesive set of songs on which Aiden shows diversity and growth. There are some great pop choruses here, packaged in cool and fresh electro- and synthpop productions. Well done Aiden!

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