Introducing: Say Lou Lou / Single Review: Better In The Dark

Say Lou Lou Better In The Dark Cover

Say Lou Lou have their eyes set on big breakthrough in 2014

Many people on the web who claim to know something about the world of popular music are sure on this one: Say Lou Lou will be one of the biggest new acts in 2014. I am one of them. The twins with Swedish and Australian roots released a single called ‘Julian’ earlier this year and launched the single ‘Better In The Dark’ last month. A debut album is planned for 2014 and if they will keep up the high standard they set for themselves with their singles, it is guaranteed to be one of the records of next year already.

The young ladies toured with British bands like Hurts and Foals before and if the music experts are right, they will sell out venues on their own in the near future. The yearly BBC Sound Of 2014 poll put Say Lou Lou on the long list which means there is a bright future predicted for them. If you listen to their songs, these high expectations immediately make sense. Their single ‘Julian’ could be described as dreamy electronic pop with a great hook in the chorus. Their lovely voices mix perfectly together and the sisters definitely complement each other in that sense. ‘Julian’ is a great track, but with the new single, they prove they can be even better.

Both ‘Better In The Dark’ and the b-side (or second track of the short EP) ‘Beloved’ are brilliant pieces of the same dreamy pop style. ‘Better In The Dark’ will be released in December and it seems like the perfect timing for this track as it literally is somewhat darker than ‘Julian’. The song is a bit slower, but it has a smashing chorus that immediately impresses when it kicks in. The production is atmospheric and their voices fit this type of song perfectly. ‘Beloved’ might even be their strongest track to date. The lyrics about an unrequited love where you try hard to make it work but the other does not seem to care as much, is very easy to relate to. The production is quite minimal at the start which gives room to the vocals of the twins to shine. The chorus is very straightforward and definitely effective in that way. The soaring melody in the second part of the chorus is delicious. If their album does sound anything like these tracks, it will be bloody brilliant.

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