Interview: Valentina Monetta: ‘I don’t want to worry about getting into the final’

Valentina Monetta Eurovision

If one thing has become clear over the past few years, it is that Valentina Monetta is a fighter. The Sammarinese singer will represent her country for the third time in a row in the Eurovision Song Contest, trying to make it to the final. Last year, she just missed out finishing 11th with her song ‘Crisalide (Vola)’, but this year she will try again with ‘Maybe’, also composed by Ralph Siegel. I chatted to Valentina about the chances of San Marino making it to the final this time around and the possibility of her entering again over the next few years.

Why do you think ‘Maybe’ is good enough to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest?
To be honest I don’t really know, but what I can tell you is that I love the song. I love the lyrics and I think it suits my voice very well.

You entered the contest two times before. What is the biggest difference between ‘Maybe’ and your previous entries ‘Crisalide (Vola)’ and ‘The Social Network Song’?
For me, ‘Maybe’ is like an evolution. It is like a next step after ‘Crisalide’ and of course both can not really be compared to ‘The Social Network Song’, which was in a whole different world basically. ‘Maybe’ is a continuation of my road in the Eurovision Song Contest and I really believe in this song.

In your last two efforts in Eurovision, you did not make it to the final. Do you worry about your results this year?
I don’t want to worry about getting into the final or not. I just try to not think about this. When I perform on stage, I should focus on the song, my voice and you in front of me as an audience. That is the most important for me. Of course a place in the final is important for my delegation, but I, as an artist, try to focus on my performance instead.

“‘Maybe’ is a continuation of my road in the Eurovision Song Contest and I really believe in this song.”

Is there any chance that we will see you again in Eurovision after this year?
Maybe, everything is possible of course, but there are a lot of artists in San Marino who would like to try and participate in Eurovision. Also, three times might be a good number to end with, but you never know.

Did you hear the other songs in the competition yet? Which are your favourites?
I heard some, but not yet all of them. I love the Montenegro song, ‘Moj Svijet’ by Sergej Cetkovic. I love his type of voice. I also really like Hungary and Albania. There are a lot of romantic ballads this year.

If you could cover a song from the history of Eurovision, which one would you chose?
‘Madness of Love’ by Raphael Gualazzi, the Italian entry from 2011. I love that style. I also remember ‘Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu’ very well. Now that I think of it, there are a lot of Eurovision songs that I really love.

You just released a new album. Could you tell a bit more about that?
My new record Sensibility is just released. I called it this way, because I have a lot of sensibility in me. I think this word could describe every song that is on this album. I love it and I hope everybody will check it out!


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