Single Review: Lana Del Rey – Shades Of Cool

Lana Del Rey Shades of cool single cover

Lana Del Rey channels inner Nancy Sinatra on new promo single

Have you ever imagined what it would sound like if Nancy Sinatra did another dramatic and dark bond sountrack these days? Well, Lana Del Rey did. Actually, she did not only imagine this, but she recorded something like that herself! The singer who called herself ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra’ in the earlier days of her career and covered her ‘Summer Wine’ before, has now released a promo single called ‘Shades of Cool’, that resembles Nancy’s style in a modern day version, but still with a heavy retro feel. The song is the second track that is released from her highly anticipated new album, called Ultraviolence.

Last month, Del Rey graced us with her comeback with the brilliant single ‘West Coast‘, that showed a slight change of direction towards a somewhat more rocky band sound instead of the hip hop beats we were used to. She continues this trend with ‘Shades of Cool’, as the verses are mostly built on guitars. The light and enchanting chorus sounds a little bluesy when it comes to the rhythm, which reminds a bit of ‘Million Dollar Man’, a track on Del Rey’s Born To Die album. In the middle-eight, her inner rock chick takes over again in a dazzling guitar solo where her voice and the instrument seem to clash in an intense and captivating manner.

Although this new track sounds a bit like a Bond sountrack and obviously picks up some elements from Nancy Sinatra’s style, it still is unmistakably Lana Del Rey. Her distinctive vocals mark the song and also the lyrics are in the same vein of what we heard on her previous material. This song makes my expectations of the new album go even higher. Ultraviolence is out on the 16th of June and I for one, can not wait!

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