Introducing: Marlene / EP Review: Indian Summer

Marlene Indian Summer EP

Marlene introduces herself with debut EP Indian Summer
Remember how I wrote that Sweden has a great variety of quality female pop stars in the electronic pop genre? I have found more proof for this statement. Her name is Marlene and she released her amazing debut single ‘Bon Voyage’ last summer. The singer from Stockholm has been working on some more songs through the year and is now ready to conquer the world with her first EP called Indian Summer. She released the five track compilation earlier this week and I must say, this all sounds very promising!

Marlene already managed to make an impression on the blogosphere when she released the summery ‘Bon Voyage’. Not only her lovely vocal style and the great pop lyrics caught attention, but she also impressed with a bright and sparkly production that basically smells of summer. The track is very catchy and when listening to the other songs on the EP, you realize she is really good at this kind of poppy tunes. The most recent single and title track ‘Indian Summer’ sounds just as sweet and both her vocals and the sun get room to shine on this track. The chorus is one hell of a earworm thanks to the enthusiastic chanting. Both these songs sound amazing on a warm summer evening, while enjoying some kind of sweet, slightly alcoholic beverage.

So let’s not wander off now and get back to the music. I would say ‘I Do This For You’ is the strongest track on this EP as all of Marlene’s musical strengths come together magically on this one. The production is nothing less than exciting and serves the melody perfectly. The declaration of love, packed in lyrics about pixels and ‘no filter’, is clever and her voice sounds intense and powerful. The chorus, which repeats the title, does not get old because of its anthemic style and production. ‘Stay Awake’ is another strong track that already got a release as single earlier this year. She closes the EP in style with the more down tempo song ‘Lavender Fields’. Although the first three tracks are the strongest, all five of them show her great potential. She deserves a large audience, because this is great pop music with strong vocals, perfect productions and amazingly catchy choruses. What else do we need? That’s right, that would be all!

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