Single Review: Ella Eyre – Comeback

Ella Eyre Comeback single cover

Ella Eyre surprises with yet another outstanding single
When I wrote about fresh female pop singles last month, I did not hesitate a minute to include Ella Eyre. For me, her single ‘If I Go’ was one of the best things out there at the moment, so it was a nice surprise to see that she already has got a new single out, called ‘Comeback’. The surprise turns out to be even better when you hear what an incredible banger it is!

Ella Eyre already managed to get her name out there without releasing a solo single. She collaborated with Rudimental on the UK number 1 single ‘Waiting All Night’ and also worked with Bastille, Tinie Tempah and Naughty Boy for tracks on their albums. With the release of the single and EP ‘Deeper’, she made her solo debut, but it wasn’t until the release of the magnificent single ‘If I Go’, that she seemed to be reaching her full potential. The track mixed retro pop with some hints of drum and bass, in a similar manner as ‘Love Me Again’ by John Newman did. Ella’s strong and raw vocals managed to take ‘If I Go’ to an even higher level.

Now she is back with ‘Comeback’, a single that continues the retro pop aspect in her music, but shows off a whole other side when it comes to her lyrics and attitude. With lines like ‘they’re all the same, they never learn, so dig their grave and let the motherfucker burn’, she is completely in touch with her inner femme fatale. The confidence with which she states that the guys that played her ‘will always come back’ for more is convincing and it fits her powerful and strong vocal style. And then there is that chorus. Man, what a chorus! From the moment she sings ‘ain’t it funny how we never seem to work it out’, you know shit is about to go down and it absolutely does. In the middle-eight and the last chorus she even gives us a little extra vocally and by that time you know this song right here should be her big pop star moment.

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