Single Review: Ella Henderson – Glow

Ella Henderson Glow cover

Ella Henderson premieres sure fire hit ‘Glow’

When Ella Henderson was axed from the X Factor UK almost two years ago, not many people did think she could still become one of the most exciting new pop stars in the country. After her surprising exit from the competition, Ella disappeared from the public eye for a while and worked hard on her own music in the shadows, together with some pretty well known producers and composers. She surprised everyone when her amazing debut single ‘Ghost’ became one of the biggest hits in the UK this year so far. Ella Henderson shows she is not playing with us with her second single ‘Glow’, that will definitely become another monster hit.

For her single ‘Ghost’, Ella collaborated with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. The single already spent 9 weeks in the top 10 of the British charts and is still going strong. It is hard to say if she could repeat such an incredible success with the second single, but I am quite certain ‘Glow’ will set the charts on fire as well. Although the song is the only one on the album that Ella did not co-wrote herself, the song still feels like it suits her perfectly. Her vocals shine the way they deserve to and the mature pop sound is perfect for her.

When compared to ‘Ghost’, ‘Glow’ is a little bit more laidback. The track has a slightly slower tempo, but the chorus is still very instant. The ‘we will glow’ lines lead up to the chorus perfectly and using these parts as a post-chorus make the song even more catchy, without becoming too repetitive. The production on the track is once again outstanding. The instrumentation and build up are very subtle which gives way to Ella’s smooth and soothing vocals to take the limelight. I have to say I am impressed by the quality of the tracks Ella put out so far. The melodies, the production, the lyrics, literally everything about ‘Glow’ and its predecessor tells me that Ella and her team have put an awful lot of work into this and it is great to see that things are working out for her. She proves that, with the right material, attitude and own involvement in the music, you can still make it after an ‘early’ exit in a talentshow. Her debut record Chapter One is shaping up to be one of the best pop releases of the year and I think she has the potential to force an international breakthrough and become a huge pop star.

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