Single Review: Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

Jessie Ware Say You Love Me cover

Jessie Ware releases inner soul diva on new single

Jessie Ware is quite busy promoting the upcoming release of her sophomore album called Tough Love. Last week, she officially released the amazing first single with the same title, which premiered two months ago. In the meantime she released the hypnotic buzz single ‘Share It all’ and now it is time for the premiere of the official second single ‘Say You Love Me’, on which she once again tries quite a few new things.

Jessie Ware had her breakthrough in 2012 when her outstanding debut record Devotion came out. She evolved her signature sound slightly with the release of single ‘Tough Love’, where she gained new confidence to show off her strong and versatile voice. The electronic production matched perfectly with her voice in a high register. Buzz single ‘Share It All’ continued the electronic sounds with a smooth, subtle and understated production and vocal performance.

Compared to these two tracks, ‘Say You Love Me’ is quite something else. The song is a whole lot less electronic (although there are still enough sound effects to be found in the beautifully layered production) and sounds more like a soul ballad. Of course, her vocals and lyrics have always been quite soulful, but this time around Jessie really wanted this aspect of her music to come to the front as she belts her way through the touching and emotional love song. In the last chorus she is even joined by a gospel choir which makes for an epic finale of the track. Although it sounds quite different from anything she has ever done so far, it still fits her perfectly and will definitely not stand out like a sore thumb on her new record, that will be released on the 6th of October.

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