Video Review: Ruth Lorenzo – Gigantes

Ruth Lorenzo Gigantes cover

Ruth Lorenzo releases inner pop diva for ‘Gigantes’ video

Ruth Lorenzo had quite a successful year so far. She participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Spain with the beautiful ballad ‘Dancing In The Rain’. Thanks to a beautiful staging and outstanding vocal performance, she finished in top 10 for her home country. Before Eurovision Ruth had been releasing songs mainly in English, but because of her growing popularity in Spain, she decided to record an album in her mother language. The new single ‘Gigantes’ is the first song to be released of the record and Lorenzo premiered the video today on Youtube.

Ruth Lorenzo gained fame in the UK a few years ago when she participated in X Factor and made it to the top 5. She took some time to record her first material and released the singles ‘The Night’ and ‘Love Is Dead‘ a year ago. Eurovision changed her career and now she is ready to release her Spanish debut album Planeta Azul next week. The first ingle ‘Gigantes’ actually is a very strong pop track, that is pretty catchy even if you do not speak any Spanish. The production of the song is contemporary and builds up to an epic chorus where Ruth shines vocally. Of course, the bridge and last chorus have lots of ad libs for Lorenzo to give it everything she has got. One of the big notes leads into a short instrumental breakdown, which is quite unusual for a midtempo track like this, but it works surprisingly well. It is needless to say that she also sounds gorgeous in the more restrained verses. ‘Gigantes’ is a more than solid pop track that shows she has got a lot more to offer after the gorgeous ‘Dancing In The Rain’, which is still one of my favourite tracks of the year.

Ruth and her team put a lot of effort in creating a beautiful video for ‘Gigantes’ and this definitely worked out. The video starts with her swinging from huge red ribbons. She busts some dance moves while hanging, which is edited perfectly on the beat of the song. For the chorus we go outside in a dessert-like environment. Ruth looks stunning as a lady in red and she and her topless lover run towards each other, while being seperated by a wall of glass. The earlier mentioned instrumental breakdown in the track marks the arrival of a group of girls in the dessert, who dance along with Ruth, who by the way looks like a proper pop star in all of those scenes. This reminded me of my interview with Ruth a month before Eurovision, when I asked her if she was preparing any choreography for her Eurovision performance. She answered that she only just started dancing recently and therefore did not feel confident enough about it to do it on Eurovision stage. It seems she has been practicing a lot, because the dance scenes in the ‘Gigantes’ video look great and Ruth shows some attitude while doing it which is lovely to see.

Planeta Azul is out on 28 October.

Also watch this impressive live version. THAT VOICE!

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