Introducing: Roberta Howett

Roberta Howett Broken Wings cover

Former X Factor finalist releases piano ballad as first single
Do you recall watching the first season of the UK version of X Factor? Then you might remember who Roberta Howett is. The Irish singer-songwriter participated in the British talent show that brought us pop stars like Leona Lewis, Olly Murs, One Direction and Ella Henderson. She made it through to the live shows, but was eliminated as first and therefore finished in 9th position. Now, more than ten years later, Roberta is ready for the spotlight again with her brand new single called ‘Broken Wings’.

Howett, now 31 years old, released her first solo single ‘Beautiful Lies’ in 2010 that reached the Irish top 40, but after that she chose a different path than a solo career. The singer performed with the band Fanfair and even played as a supporting act for the boyband The Wanted. Irish TV watchers know her as the singer of the houseband of Craig Doyle’s Saturday Night Live show. After all these sidesteps with which she gained more experience as a performer, she tries to make it again as a solo artist with the song ‘Broken Wings’.

The song could be described as a heartfelt piano ballad. The singer accompanies herself on the instrument and that is all she needed to record this personal song. The track is about being single by choice, although people always expect her to throw herself in relationships, as that is more ‘accepted’. ‘Maybe I don’t care what people say, all the rights and wrongs just sound the same’, is the clear message, that is thrown at the listener with a high and sweet, almost angelic, voice. Her talent as both a singer and songwriter is undeniable and like she sings herself, now she is right where she belongs!

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