Video Review: Say Lou Lou – Nothing But A Heartbeat

Say Lou Lou Nothing But A Heartbeat video

Say Lou Lou invite fans into their dream worlds in short film
The Swedish-Australian twin sister pop duo Say Lou Lou has released a video for their latest single ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’. The girls have been teasing us with a lot of photos and short fragments of this project they are very excited about. They premiered the short film about lucid dreaming (a dream in which the dreamer realizes the events are not real) on the internet earlier today and I have to say I am impressed by this moving work.

“Nightmares and sisterhood, religion and insanity, waking and sleeping, dark and light. Welcome inside your lucid dreams”, is what the sisters wrote on their social media when the video dropped. They worked together with director Joanna Nordahl who seems to have perfectly captured their dreams in a visually stunning manner. In the video, Elektra and Miranda fall asleep and wake up in a forest where they find a bracelet, which transports them to a next dream world when they put it on. We see the sisters run around with panic in their eyes through abandoned buildings, a sandy plain within a forest and they end up at the roof of a building when the snow is falling. Elektra sees Miranda jump off the building several times after calling out her name. The girls act out their parts convincingly and you feel their distress while watching. The overall atmosphere of the video is quite dark and the dreams seem to be nightmares in which the sisters can’t reach each other.

For the last chorus however, Elektra and Miranda are reunited and this is shown with impressive visuals of the deep bond of two sisters. “Say Lou Lou wished for a video that would capture the essence of the album’s theme Lucid Dreaming, and to me that sounded extremely interesting and challenging,” Nordahl explained in an interview with Noisey. I would say the video fits their dreamy, electronic pop perfectly and both sisters look stunning in every scene. The short film has an interesting and fresh concept and shows a different side to Say Lou Lou as a pop act. One of the best music videos I have seen so far this year.

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Watch this space for a review on the brand new album Lucid Dreaming.

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