Single Review: Britney Spears – Pretty Girls (feat. Iggy Azalea)

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Britney chases trends on comeback single ‘Pretty Girls’
Guess who’s back? It’s Britney (bitch)! She teamed up with hit rapper Iggy Azalea for a brand new single called ‘Pretty Girls’. The song is written by the ladies of British girl band Little Mix. They decided it did not fit on their own upcoming third album, so Britney had the chance to release it as her comeback. With Iggy aboard you would think she is on to a hit, but is the song good enough?

Let’s start with the good news. Will.I.Am is not associated with this new era so far, so we don’t have to endure another ‘Work Bitch’ or ‘Big Fat Bass’ yet. On this new single, Britney steps away from the electronic dance pop and moves towards a more urban kind of pop song. I have to say it is catchy as hell and sounds contemporary, but at the same time very disposable as well. Where Britney once was an icon who was able to define the pop sound of an era, she now chases trends and actually sounds like a lot of other songs that are around at the moment.

‘Pretty Girls’ is like a mix between the shouty delivery of Charli XCX or Gwen Stefani in ‘Hollaback Girl’. Lyrically it is not the best moment of the Little Mix girls, but if Britney wants it as her first single, who am I to argue they didn’t deliver? And what is Iggy Azalea’s role in all this? Well, she brought along the instrumental for ‘Fancy’ to use it one more time. Her rap verse doesn’t add too much but her contributions in the pre-chorus where she finishes Britney’s sentences (‘Eyes on us… Jaws to the ground’) are kind of cool. Is this anywhere near as good as Britney’s best output? Nope. Will I shamelessly bop to it when it comes on in a club once it establishes itself as summer hit? Probably.

Update: Now, the official video is out and it stars Iggy as a robotic alien. It’s hysterical, it’s girly and it features a few dance sequences with Britney in action. Looks like the girls had a lot of fun with this silly little story!

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