Single Review: Wynter Gordon – Bleeding Out

Wynter Gordon Bleeding Out

Wynter Gordon returns to music with ballad ‘Bleeding Out’
Wynter Gordon had a few wordwide hits in 2010 and 2011 with singles ‘Dirty Talk’ and ‘Til Death’. Soon after that she decided to drop the generic (but in her case amazing) dance pop and she came back with the free EP Doleo, full of exciting, contemporary and progressive R&B. She released a second EP called Sanguine, but after that things got rather quiet, until earlier this week. Wynter is back with the single ‘Bleeding Out’ and it is a glorious return to form.

If you want 2010 ‘Dirty Talk’ Wynter back, because you are not into her more personal R&B stuff, you might as well just leave now, although you are missing out on something quite special. In terms of style, this song is closer to Doleo than to her dance pop debut album and rightfully so! Her voice sounds emotionally fragile and gorgeous at the same time from the moment she starts out with the line: “How does it feel to be my first? My only one, my curse.” ‘Bleeding Out’ is a relatable story about knowing that your lover is not the right person for you, but not being able to let go of them, expressed through the lines: “I told you no, but I love you, I told you no but I let you.”

I could basically quote the whole song as it is exceptionally well written, but that would not really benefit this article, so I will go on by saying it is great to hear Wynter laying her soul bare on a stripped back ballad. After the adventurous productions of Doleo, this track completely revolves around her voice that impressively transmits the emotions expressed in the lyrics. I can’t wait to hear more of the new material. Lucky me, she releases the new ep Five Needle on the 2nd of June!

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