Single Review: Leona Lewis – Fire Under My Feet

Leona Lewis Fire Under My Feet

Leona Lewis is back with fiery new single
It has been quite a while since we’ve heard new music from Leona Lewis. The singer experienced a big breakthrough after she won one of the first seasons of X Factor UK and had a worldwide hit with ‘Bleeding Love’ shortly after. In the rest of the world, things got quiet around Leona pretty fast, but in the United Kingdom she released three records, of which the last one wasn’t the success it was planned out to be. After a relatively successful holiday album she parted ways with SyCo, the label of Simon Cowell. She signed a contract with Island Records and will release her upcoming album I Am later this year. The first single ‘Fire Under My Feet’ just premiered on British radio and it is a fiery uptempo track.

After SyCo tried to push her in a direction she did not feel comfortable with for the new record, she decided to take matters into her own hands and left. Island signed her and Leona sounds more determined than ever. In lyrics like ‘was drowning in quicksand, nobody grabbed my hand’ she puts the past behind her and now she is on to ‘bigger things and begins to spread her wings’. And for everyone who is not here for that, she has one message; ‘Go get out of this place, if you can’t take the heat!’. I have never heard Leona sing with more attitude than this before and it is a refreshing change actually, that is also easy to hear within the style of music.

So far Leona usually had success with heartfelt ballads, but she decided to shake things up and comes back with a pumping uptempo track that could be compared to what Adele did on ‘Rolling In The Deep’ stylistically. There are drums and piano throughout the song to keep the pace high and her voice sounds great on this type of track as well. She does not need slow ballads with big adlips to impress vocally. The song gets somewhat repetitive towards the end, but at the same time this makes the undeniably catchy chorus stick even better. I think we might welcome Miss Lewis back to the highest regions of the British charts with this one!

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