Song of the Day: Mathew V – I’m a Bitch

Mathew V I'm a Bitch

Have you ever thought about what would happen if Sam Smith and Lady Gaga had a baby together that tried to break into the music business? Well, I might have the answer right here for you. His name is Mathew V and he just released his debut single called ‘I’m a Bitch’. So where is this young guy suddenly coming from? He grew up in Vancouver and recorded music in London recently, of which this song is the first result. What does it sound like? It’s pop with a soulful layer in the production as well as his vocals, which remind slightly of Sam Smith.

So now we have the Sam Smith comparison down, where does the Lady Gaga part come from? Just watch the video I would say. Mathew V is just starting out, but is already quite outspoken, extravagant and edgy in his styling. Of course he has a long way to go to match any of these huge names, but he definitely has potential. The song, which he wrote himself, is undeniably catchy and especially the ‘if you take a minute’ parts in the chorus have a strong hook and there is no doubt about the quality of that soulful voice full of emotion (just watch his take on Britney’s ‘…Baby One More Time’ for proof). Then there is one last question to be answered. Why does he call himself a Bitch? “When people hear the word bitch, they usually interpret the word negatively. That’s the way it’s used in today’s society. I’m using it as a form of empowerment for anyone who doesn’t accept being treated like garbage. If you get called a bitch because you’re standing up for yourself, maybe that’s a good thing”, Mathew explains. He himself calls it his way of taking aim at stereotypes with a feminist inspired track. Good for you Mathew, can’t wait to hear more!

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