Song of the Day: The Common Linnets – We Don’t Make The Wind Blow

The Common Linnets We Don't Make The Wind Blow

The Common Linnets back with soundtrack for Wayward Pines
A year after their impressive second place at the Eurovision Song Contest last year, The Common Linnets are back with a new single with international potential. After the success of ‘Calm After The Storm’ they released an album that gained success all over Europe and now they are even crossing over to the United States as they recorded their new single ‘We Don’t Make The Wind Blow’ as the soundtrack of the brand new Fox series Wayward pines.

What does it sound like? It is not miles away from anything they have done so far, but it is slightly more uptempo and based on a full band sound than the acoustic Eurovision track. The chorus of ‘We Don’t Make The Wind Blow’ hits hard and keeps playing in your mind over and over again. The dark mood of the track fits perfectly with the series that it is used for, but it does work as a great song without the scenes of the Wayward Pines as well. Ilse DeLange and her guys prove once more that they have international allure and could become one of the biggest music export products of the Netherlands.

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