Song of the Day: Ann Sophie – I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

Ann Sophie Silver Into Gold cover

Last Saturday the Eurovision Song Contest took place, and although I agreed with a lot of the points given, there were a few injustices to be found in the results as well. One of them was the last place for Germany. Soul/pop singer Ann Sophie took spot 26 (tied with Austria) and did receive exactly zero points! How could that have happened? She sang the perfectly fine and catchy soulful pop track ‘Black Smoke’ with passion and she sounded and looked great!

To get to the point, I want to show support to Ann Sophie, because she just delivered a great album recently and we should all celebrate this! My favourite track (apart from Black Smoke)? ‘I Don’t Know Where I’m Going’ of course. What a chorus ladies and gents! It sounds fresh, young, catchy and fun! Keep your head up Ann Sophie, zero points is not the end of the world and you did a great job. Loads of people will still enjoy your music!

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