The most promising new artists of Eurovision 2015

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Participating in the Eurovision Song Contest can be a great start to a long lasting career. Ask Abba, Céline Dion and more recently Loreen and Lena. In this year’s contest we were treated to a lot of fresh talent and brand new artists. I made a list of the artists I expect most from in the near future. Mind you, I did not include established pop acts like Guy Sebastian, Il Volo and the winner Mans Zelmerlöw, who have all been successful at least in their home country for some time.

07. Molly Sterling (Ireland)
Ok, admitted, the Irish singer-songwriter Molly Sterling did not make her way to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. She reached the 12th place in the stronger second semi final with the beautiful ballad ‘Playing With Numbers’ that she co-composed herself. Although the public did not vote her through this time around, I think she will still grow musically as she is only 17 years old and she has a lot of potential. She has the ability to write heartfelt songs, she plays the piano and she has a distinctive sound of voice, which is important in order to stand out in the music industry. Judging on the great performance she did on the Eurovision stage under such pressure and her beautiful vocals on ‘Build Fireworks Again’ I predict a great future for Molly Sterling.

06. Nina Sublatti (Georgia)
If anything became clear after the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, it is that there is no stopping Nina Sublatti. You can mess with the smoke machine and try to make her disappear, but she will just continue her ‘Warrior’ chants with that powerful voice and feisty attitude. She has stage presence in bucketloads and let’s not forget she composed ‘Warrior’ herself. Judging by other tracks of her floating around on YouTube, she has a lot more to offer with toned down vocals and subtle productions, like on the intriguing track ‘I’ve Got An Idea’. I will definitely keep an eye on this young and talented woman!

05. Debrah Scarlett (Norway)
Debrah Scarlett represented Norway together with singer-songwriter Mørland. He heard her sing on YouTube and asked her to join his duet ‘A Monster Like Me’. This turned out to be a golden combination as her unusual vocal style fitted the dark ballad perfectly. In Norway, Debrah rose to fame on The Voice and she is said to be working on her solo debut album and this is incredibly exciting news as I keep getting mesmerized by that verse of hers in the Eurovision track. To give you an idea what Debrah and her gorgeous voice are capable of, check out her cover of Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide And Seek’.

04. Mørland (Norway)
As the future of Mørland and Debrah Scarlett as a duo is uncertain, they are both solo artists to begin with, I counted them as seperate new artists. It is needless to explain why Mørland is on this list, because if you are able to write such a beautiful composition as ‘A Monster Like Me’ is, you are promising to say the least. He has an outstanding voice and it would be really interesting to hear what a solo album by this singer would sound like. If you want to have a little peak at what he has been doing before Eurovision, check out the ‘Skin’ demo below.

My interview with Mørland and Debrah Scarlett.

03. Elina Born (Estonia)
Although her duet partner Stig Rästa was the composer of their gorgeous little duet ‘Goodbye To Yesterday’, we have to be honest and admit that Elina Born was the actual star of the performance. The higher register of her vocals sounds gorgeous live and she showed a whole lot of attitude on stage. I would go as for as to say she could be a proper international pop star if she will be given the right material to work with. She just released her self titled debut album and you can check out the single ‘Miss Calculation’ below. It sounds like Rihanna doing Eurovision in 2005. Amazing!

02. Loïc Nottet (Belgium)
Loïc Nottet is without a doubt Belgium’s new hot pop star. The 19 years old singer who gained fame through The Voice, composed his fresh and modern song ‘Rhythm Inside’, that brought him the fourth place in the Eurovision final, himself. Now I can tell you, if that is your first single you composed, you are going to produce great things in the near future. The fact that he choreographed the performance himself is even more impressive. Loïc is a young artist with a clear vision and outstanding vocal ability. If you need some more proof for that, you can check out his cover of Sia’s vocally challenging hit ‘Chandelier’. The Australian pop star even approved of this herself, tweeting she loved the version of Nottet.

01. Aminata (Latvia)
This list had to be topped by Latvian Aminata, who wrote her track ‘Love Injected’ alone in her room in an hour. You need to be incredibly talented to be able to do that. The chorus of ‘Love Injected’ is straight in your face and the overall electronic, triphop light, sound, is something we have never heard on Eurovision before. On top of that, Aminata is an incredible vocalist and knows how to sell her song, judging by that overwhelmingly beautiful Eurovision performance. She released her debut album Inner Voice last month and that is definitely worth a listen. She combines a lot of different styles and there are quite a lot of uptempo tracks on there as well. You can check out the mystic ‘Land of Nibiru’ below.

My interview with Aminata.

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