Song of the Day: Foxes – Body Talk

Foxes Body Talk

After her literally Glorious debut to the pop scene, all sorts of ‘oh my, there is good pop music coming our way’ alerts go off in my head when British singer-songwriter and pop starlet Foxes announces a new single. Just over a year after her first album full of perfect pop tracks like ‘Let Go For Tonight’ and ‘Youth’, she premiered the first track of her still to be titled sophomore album, ‘Body Talk’, on BBC Radio 1. I didn’t think it was possible after that hooks driven debut full of monumental choruses, but she went in an even more pure pop direction!

‘Body Talk’ is a bet less Florence + the Machine light, but a bit more in the direction of Carly Rae Jepsen. From the first notes on it is clear that the production is way more eighties this time around and this suits her strong, but sugary vocals perfectly. The chorus maybe does not have the instant in your face appeal of ‘Let Go For Tonight’, but it creeps up on you with every listen and unfolds itself as a true earworm. Handclaps? Check! Lalalas? Check! Echoed lalalas in the middle-eight followed by a heartfelt ‘OOOHHH!’? Check (or Hell yeah)! What a tune, people! Oh and Foxes, can you please do some silly dance routines on roller skates in the video please? The song just begs for that kind of footage! Thanks.

Update: The video is out and it does not contain roller skates, but what we do get are dance routines in an abandoned gas station. Works for me!

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