Song of the Day: Germein Sisters – Golden

Germein Sisters EP

Today, the song of the day is already a year old, but what does it matter when the track brings the summer we all desperately need? The Australian band the Germein Sisters launched their debut album in Australia and Europe and now they are all set to make an impression in the UK music scene with an EP of four of their best tracks. One of them is the single ‘Golden’, an upbeat and uplifting indie pop song with a catchy chorus.

The band consists of three sisters that all play their own instruments. They get compared to bands like HAIM and First Aid Kit often and it is not hard to see why. Apart from the fact that all three bands consist of sisters, their sounds are slightly similar: contagious singer-songwriter pop with some folk and country influences. The Germein Sisters have been making music together ever since they were little and you hear this in their perfected harmonies that sound like heaven. ‘Golden’ is a perfectly crafted pop song that could light up every beach session with an acoustic guitar around a bonfire.

Watch this space for an interview with the sisters very soon!

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