Single Review: Selena Gomez – Good For You (feat. A$AP Rocky)

Selena Gomez Good For You cover

Selena Gomez surprises with seductive new single
Don’t we all just love it when a pop star shows her fully grown up new style and sound? That one defining moment that says: I am not that Disney princess anymore, I am a grown pop star and I mean business. Britney did it with ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’, Christina Aguilera had the world talking with ‘Dirrty’ and more recently, Miley Cyrus became one of the most controversial, yet popular artists in the world with ‘We can’t Stop’. I think Selena Gomez might be experiencing a similar moment very soon, now she released her new single ‘Good For You’, with raps from A$AP Rocky.

Now I am not saying that Selena should release a music video that is racy or daring, just to get people talking, but I am referring to the content of her new single, that is both lyrically and musically, mature and interesting. Although Selena has released quite a few good pop songs, both with and without ‘The Scene’, with her albums and singles it never really felt like listening to an artist. It was more like listening to an actress that had a good team around her to bring her nice and catchy pop tunes, servicable for radio and charts. This all changes with the release of ‘Good For You’.

This song is anything but predicted pop dance tailor-made for radio. It’s first time Gomez leans towards R&B and invites a rapper to do a verse for her track. Her vocals have never been better. She sounds restrained and understated throughout, but present enough to give the song that extra sexy and seductive vibe it needs. It almost feels like we heard her true, somewhat low and husky voice for the first time on this song. The production is smooth and completely supports the almost hypnotic atmosphere of the chorus. The lyrics about seducing someone by looking good for them are sensual and show a new phase in her career has just started. If this is what she sounds like nowadays, I am excited to hear more!

Update: The video is out and it is as you would expect sexy and sensual! It’s basically Selena looking pretty for 3 minutes, but hey, that is basically what the song is about, now isn’t it? The edit of the song is slightly different in the video. A little less beat heavy, some added strings and they cut out the rap by A$AP Rocky. It’s not like we will miss that part anyway.

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