‘A Bit of a Dilemma’ with Rae Morris

Rae Morris

As an artist in the music industry, your career often is defined by the choices you make along the way. Some are easy, some are quite hard. When interviewing musicians, I like to challenge them a bit with some tough dilemmas. I name two terms (cities, persons, situations, you name it) and they can only choose one. Of course they have to explain shortly why they choose what they choose. First up: British singer-songwriter Rae Morris, who released her debut album Unguarded earlier this year with the hit single ‘Under the Shadows’.

Are you ready Rae?
I guess so!

First one. Your hometown Blackpool or the city where your career happens, London?
Blackpool! It is the place I grew up and where my heart lies. My accent is from there! It is my hometown for life.

That was easy! What would you desire more… A UK number 1 album or an opportunity for a world tour?
World tour, I just want to travel the world and see as many places as possible with my music.

The process of recording or performing?
Performing! It is my first love and the reason that I do this job.

You are good at this! Writing for other artists or singing other artists’ songs?
Definitely writing for other artists, because I really struggle with covers. I can’t seem to remember the words that I haven’t written!

You are a Kate Bush fan… ‘Cloudbusting’ or ‘Running Up That Hill’?
Cloudbusting, 100%! It is one of my favorite songs ever!

Now you have to choose between the artists you get compared to the most. Florence + the Machine or Ellie Goulding?
I have got to say Florence. I think she is doing something different. She pushes the boundaries of what female songwriters tend to do.

Last one! Participating in Eurovision or judging on The Voice?
Eurovision is a legendary thing that I used to watch as a child with my mum. We would sit on the couch with lists to give each country points. I probably wouldn’t want to do it right now, but maybe someday!

Thanks Rae!

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