Single Review: Janet Jackson – No Sleeep

Janet Jackson No Sleeep single cover

Janet Jackson returns with new single after seven years
As a pop legend in the 90s, it’s not that easy to come back to today’s music scene, seven years after you released your most recent album. Janet Jackson took the chance and did it. The singer who had huge hits with ‘Together Again’ and ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ released a brand new single called ‘No Sleeep’, probably the first taste of an upcoming new album. If ‘No Sleeep’ is prove of anything, it is that Janet did not lose it in all those years!

After the release of album Discipline in 2008, all became rather quiet around Janet Jackson musically. The announcement of a new single to be released was quite a surprise, but a pleasant one if you ask me. Although she didn’t have a hitsingle in years, she still is an icon in popular music these days with a big influence on current female pop and R&B artists. ‘No Sleeep’ has a delicious, 90s R&B vibe in it, but at the same time sounds current enough to make it to the charts in this day and age. Her vocals sound restrained and subtle throughout the song, although she gets the chance to belt a little during the middle-eight. She shows she still knows how to be sensual and sultry, without things getting to racey. This is classy R&B with a steamy beat, sensual lyrics and a faultless delivery.

It’s definitely interesting to see how Janet will hold up in the charts these days. ‘No Sleeep’ is currently at number 34 in the iTunes charts of the United States and she in top 100 in 13 more countries. This shows there is still interest for new music by Janet, even without any promotion yet. I hope the campaign to make this track happen will start soon! Until then I will enjoy the song anyway!

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