Song of the Day: Lianne La Havas – What You Don’t Do

lianne la havas blood cover

Lianne La Havas is in the midst of promoting the upcoming release of her second album called Blood. The singer debuted the first single ‘Unstoppable’ in April and now it is time for the second song called ‘What You Don’t Do’. Listening to ‘Unstoppable’ it already became apparent that La Havas took a slightly different route for this second record, to be released at the end of July. The new song only confirms this idea.

Gone are the folky elements and the acoustic guitar. What do we get instead of this? Soul with a capital S. Where ‘Unstoppable’ had a laidback vibe, ‘What You Don’t Do’ is more upbeat and definitely catchier. I would say this song is more radiofriendly, because of the chorus that is easy to sing along with after a few listens. La Havas’ vocals sound warm and soothing as always and her delivery when belting the chorus is charming, fragile and empowering at the same time. Although I loved the acoustic sound of Lianne’s debut, I have to admit her soulful vocals work really well with the full band production with a bit of funk and some swing. And last but not least, let’s all take a minute to fully take in what an amazing song-writer she is. That hook, those lyrics, what a woman! Bring on Blood!

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