‘A Bit of a Dilemma’ with Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke Kiddo

As an artist in the music industry, your career often is defined by the choices you make along the way. Some are easy, some are quite hard. When interviewing musicians, I like to challenge them a bit with some tough dilemmas. I name two terms (cities, persons, situations, you name it) and they can only choose one. Of course they have to explain shortly why they choose what they choose. Next up: Tove Styrke, a Swedish pop star that just released her second album, called Kiddo.

Here we go, Tove!
Bring it on!

Stockholm or London?
I would always say Stockholm, but now I am going to say London because I recently played a great gig which was the most fun I had in ages. The audience was amazing!

Good for you! Playing a gig or festival?
I would say a club gig. The more intimate the better, because you can really feel a connection with the people in the crowd.

Nice! Doing a world tour or scoring a worldwide hit?
Of course both would be amazing, but I am going with a world tour, because it is fun to get the opportunity to travel.

Tove Lo or Robyn?
Tove Lo… Because I know her.

I see… So you had to say that! Next one. Writing for other people or recording other people’s songs?
Writing for other people, because I love writing songs. I haven’t written anything for other artists yet though. Would be interesting to see how that will turn out.

Being part of the jury of a talent show or participating in Melodifestivalen and Eurovision?
I am going for the job as a judge, because I would be nice and not so mean…

I believe you! Thanks Tove!

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