Single Review: Ella Eyre – Good Times

Ella Eyre Good Times cover

Ella Eyre releases another top 10 worthy single
Most people who have any interest in the UK charts and music industry are familiar with the distinctive and powerful voice of Ella Eyre. The singer featured on number 1 hit ‘Waiting All Night’ by Rudimental and top 5 song ‘Gravity’ by DJ Fresh. Surprisingly enough, she has released quite a few singles on her own now, but none of them have made it to the top 10 in the UK. Her next single from the still to be released debut album Feline is called ‘Good Times’. Could this be her first big solo hit?

After her collaboration with Rudimental, her own singles ‘If I Go’ and ‘Comeback’ were moderately successful with a 16th and 12th place in the charts. After her success with DJ Fresh’s ‘Gravity’ big things were expected from the solo single ‘Together’ that followed, but once again, she just missed out on top 10. If you ask me, I would say it definitely is not the case that her tracks are not good enough, because her output is consistently strong and contemporary. The emotional ‘If I Go’, the feisty ‘Comeback’ and the festive ‘Together’ all have catchy choruses with nice drum and bass productions.

Did Ella change up the formula for her new single ‘Good Times’? Not really. It’s another uptempo pop song and just like ‘Together’┬áit has a positive vibe which was released with a video full of footage of people having a good time, quite literally. The rhythm is once again close to drum and bass, which still suits those characteristic, raw vocals of hers. Where ‘Good Times’ might outdo its predecessors is in catchiness and strongest melody. The ‘tell me, tell me’ bits are functioning both as pre-chorus and post-chorus and are performed in slightly different keys, but it makes the track even more memorable. I can’t help but throw my hands in the air when she sings: ‘I think I’m onto something, cause I feel the good times coming!’ I bet there are loads of ‘good times’ to come in Ella’s still young career.

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