Interview Germein Sisters: ‘When touring with your sisters, every place feels like home’

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The Germein Sisters released their debut album Because We Breathe a while ago, but they are touring with an EP in the United Kingdom at the moment. They have a summer full of festivals planned and even played at Isle of Wight. I spoke to Georgia (vocals, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter), Clara (drums) and Ella (cello) about what it is like to be in a band with your sisters. “When we first started touring it sometimes was hard not to pull each others hair out.”

When did you decide to make music together for a living?
We decided to go for it four years ago now. I was playing solo for a while and I needed a band. I knew my sisters could play an instrument and we would make music together as kids as well, so it was kind of natural to decide to do this together. We started to play live more and more.
Ella: At one point it got busier and busier and it was impossible to keep our jobs so we decided to focus on the music completely. It was a good excuse to travel too!

What is the best part about being in a band with your sisters?
I think the best thing about it is that you have people around you that you can trust. It’s sometimes hard to find people who truly believe in you in the music industry so to have two sisters around who always have your back, is very important. If something bad happens, we are still family and we will be there for each other. It is also much more fun to experience all this together. People ask us often if we get homesick, and yes we do miss Australia when we are away, but with family around, it always feels a bit more like home.

And what is the hardest part about being together all the time?
When we first started touring it sometimes was hard not to pull each others hair out. Even though we are sisters, it was difficult to be together 24/7 and we had to learn, but we are completely used to it now. We know each others strengths and weaknesses.

How do you solve it when you have an argument?
I think we just accept defeat every once in a while, because there is no way you can have a massive fight when you are on the road together. When you argue with a friend you go home and you don’t have to see that person. Especially when we are on tour, you can’t just go away for a while. The only solution is to accept defeat or to agree to disagree.

Georgia is the main songwriter of the band, but how do you make decisions on the music together?
We haven’t really written songs together yet, but of course Ella and Clara have really good ideas about the arrangements. We all have our opinions and different tastes and it’s great when that comes through in the music that we play. We always end up playing songs that we all love. We hope to co-write more on the second album.

“People ask us often if we get homesick, and yes we do miss Australia when we are away, but with family around, it always feels a bit more like home.”

So what is your individual role in the group?
I guess I am the quiet one.
Clara: But you are the loudest on stage! I am the oldest sister and the mediator of the group. I make sure everyone wakes up in time and also musically I keep us steady on the drums! Ella is probably the loudest one out of the three.
Ella: I’m not!

There it is: ‘Agree to disagree!’ Anyway, you picked four songs of debut album Because You Breathe to release as an EP in the UK. Please tell me a bit more about the tracks.
There’s the single ‘Da Da Doo’ which is fun and poppy. ‘First Plane Home’ is reflective and has a rock sound. ‘It’s A Shame’ is a powerful rock song that we love jumping around to on stage. It’s about standing up for yourself against haters. And last but not least there’s ‘Golden’ that is upbeat and fun to play live as well.

You are playing some festivals this summer. How do you prepare for these performances?
When playing a big festival like Isle of Wight, it is very easy to get overwhelmed, because it is massive. We just try to do what we always do and enjoy performing. Before we go on stage we sometimes try to relax a bit by singing random radio covers that we love. Generally we try to take every day as it comes and make the most of every opportunity we get, without putting too much pressure on ourselves.

Although you are taking the journey day by day, you probably have some plans for the near future. What is next for the Germein Sisters?
The most important thing is that we want to put out a second album at the end of the year or at least a new single. We go back to Australia in July and will record new material in the studio and do some touring. I have been writing on the road so we have a lot of new ideas for songs. Of course we would love to share our music with as many people as possible and become internationally respected artists, but we will see how that goes!

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