Song of the Day: Kerri Watt – Long Way Home

Kerri Watt Long Way Home cover

Scottish singer-songwriter Kerri Watt has been working hard for a breakthrough in the music industry over the past couple of years. Earlier this year, the 22-years-old artist released her You EP. Only a few months later she already premiered her new single called ‘Long Way Home’ and it is safe to say that Kerri stepped up her game. Where her EP had a few good tracks, this new song is really something else and might well be her big break if you ask me.

‘Long Way Home’ could be described as quite a sensitive and emotional ballad about the struggles of a relationship that is not working out the way you want it to. Kerri’s beautiful vocals impress in the chorus where she easily switches from the higher register of her voice to some powerful ad lips. The production starts out quite small and then builds up to give the chorus an epic atmosphere which only adds to the story that Kerri is telling. This is a greatly written, produced and performed piece of emotional pop.

What definitely will help the case of this track, is the video that is impressive from start to finish. It somewhat reminded me of Hozier’s video for ‘Take Me To Church’ that definitely helped to make the song an international hit. The story of the ‘Long Way Home’ video has a similar theme of a gay couple that get to face physical abuse. The big difference here is that Kerri is involved in the story as the girlfriend of one of the (apparently still closeted) guys. The video is incredibly striking and brings a whole new dimension to the lyrics of the track. Watch out for Kerri Watt in the coming months because this might become a sleeper hit!

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