Introducing: Melwonder


Australian talent drops promising electro pop singles
Frequent visitors of this blog might have already realized that I am a sucker for good electro pop music. Whenever I come across an interesting upcoming artist in this genre, I just need to write about it to spread the word. That’s why I want to introduce to you all, the Australian artist Melwonder. The singer from Melbourne, formerly known as Melwonderland, dropped two singles lately called ‘Games’ and ‘Moody Girl’ and both are promising to say the least!

In the press texts, acts like FKA Twigs and Lorde are listed as her musical inspiration and it is easy to hear why. For example ‘Games’ has an electronic production with powerful beats that could have been heard on an FKA Twigs track (if Twigs had one of her less experimental days though) and the song does have the same contradiction of a slightly dark vibe, but a bright and swinging melody in the chorus like we hear on many of Lorde’s songs. I would like to add that Melwonder’s style slightly reminds me of a few moody and pure electronic tracks by American recording artist BANKS as well. Of course Melwonder did not quite reach the same levels as these artists did in the past two years yet, but ‘Games’ certainly is a promising sign for Melwonder’s career as it shows she is capable of writing a memorable pop chorus with a convincing story.

Her vocals suit her dark sort of electro pop extremely well as she is able to dramatically tell the stories through her singing voice. On both tracks the emotions are hearable and in this genre that’s more worth than any beat or sound effect. Compared to ‘Games’, ‘Moody Girl’ is slightly less instant and somewhat more mysterious in terms of sound and atmosphere. It’s not a song that settles in your mind easily, but it does creep up on you with every listen. It is also a good thing to see that Melwonder, although still dealing with a small budget, has a clear vision of where she wants to go with the visual part of her career. The video for ‘Games’ is simple, but effective in creating a unique atmosphere that matches with the moody vibe of the song. If it wasn’t clear yet, we have an obvious ‘promising pop star’ alert right here.

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