Single Review: Delta Goodrem – Wings

Delta Goodrem Wings cover

Delta Goodrem is ready for another international hit
Delta Goodrem took the world by storm in 2003 when she had hits with the ballads ‘Born To Try’ and ‘Lost Without You’. Her debut album Innocent Eyes was an international success, but after this, Europe did not hear much of her anymore. Luckily, she kept on releasing new material and had success after success in her home country Australia, where she still is one of the country’s biggest pop stars. Delta is in full preperation for the release of an upcoming fifth studio album and ‘Wings’ is the official first single.

Although her most recent album was released in 2012, Delta Goodrem has kept herself busy lately. She is a judge on the Australian version of The Voice and she kept releasing singles, like the touching ballad ‘Only Human’ that premiered in March and will probably be part of the next album. With the release of ‘Wings’ however, Delta is on to a hit with international potential again. She managed to create a track that is very current, poppy enough and with a big production while it all still very much feels like Delta.

Remember when she released ‘Believe Again’ back in 2007? That was a track of iconic proportions and ‘Wings’ feels like a similar moment. Delta performs best when she aims for a big pop sound. With ‘Believe Again’ she went for a dramatic sound, while ‘Wings’ is an uplifting and hopeful moment in her career. The melodies and hooks are all very much on point and they lead to an instrumental post chorus that is not just an electronic beat, but it feels lively thanks to the piano and violins that play the main part in the middle-eight as well, which is stunning to say the least. This is an anthem and should become one of Delta’s bigger hits. In Australia the track has been in the top 10 in iTunes throughout the weekend, but let’s be real here, she deserves the number 1!

This upload has to do until Delta puts the official video on YouTube. The song is already out on Spotify and iTunes!

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