Introducing: Mia Milan

Mia Milan

Australian pop singer-songwriter develops sound in Europe
Sometimes good pop music comes from far away, like the other side of the world. Well, in the case of Mia Milan this is not entirely true. The Melbourne based Australian pop singer-songwriter actually worked extensively on her music during her time in Europe. Milan, who has Italian grandparents, visited the country of her roots to develop her musical direction. Of course she also went to one of the biggest pop producing countries in Europe, Sweden, to write and record. Her new single ‘I Won’t Cry’ is the first proof of this and it sounds rather promising.

When in Italy, Mia Milan participated in the Italian talent show Amici, where she was the first ever Australian person to take part. She went on to record new music in Stockholm with producer Victor Radstrom who also worked with Swedish pop star Miriam Bryant. After years of hard work in Europe she released the single ‘I Won’t Cry’. One could describe Mia’s sound as pure pop with little hints of retro. The carefree vibe of the track reminds somewhat of the also Australian pop singer Lenka’s earlier work. ‘I Won’t Cry’ is contagious to say the least and turns out to be quite the earworm. Both the chorus and the verses have memorable melody lines which make the track a delight to listen to from start to finish. That’s the way to introduce yourself to the world. She also manages to give the track an extra personal touch with an hommage to her roots with some Italian lyrics in the middle-eight. Also notice how Mia shows some star quality and attitude in the video. This is a girl to keep an eye on in the near future, I reckon!

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