Song of the Day: Aiden – Virtually Married

Aiden Grimshaw Virtually Married

Aiden Grimshaw is back with new single ‘Virtually Married’
Followers of this blog already know that I am a loyal supporter of British electronic pop singer-songwriter Aiden Grimshaw and his consistently awesome tunes. The singer launched his debut album Misty EYe in 2012 and returned at the end of 2013 with five new tracks on the Aiden EP. On this EP he developed a more electronic sound that fits his voice perfectly and he keeps following this path on his comeback single ‘Virtually Married’, that was just released on SoundCloud today.

‘Virtually Married’ tells a story about Aiden’s love live. His lover, that he imagined to be the one he would marry and spend the rest of his life with, tells him that they are ‘done’ which leaves Aiden devestated and empty. “Making all these promises, thought that you would wear my ring, be the one to share it with. You’re the one and now you’re done”, he sings helplessly in the bridge and adding in the chorus: “I thought that I was bulletproof, but you shot me down.” Judging by those well written, but sad lyrics one might expect a slow track, but ‘Virtually Married’ is quite the electronic bop actually. The verses are based on layers of bass and low synths and when the chorus comes around, the pace becomes faster and his gorgeous vocals go higher. It’s not as instant as ‘Better Man’ or ‘Is This Love’ but the track creeps up on you and is definitely one of the best things he has done so far. Aiden once again shows why he is one of the most exciting male pop artists out there at the moment.

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