Introducing: Lexi Scherr

Lexi Scherr
Image Source: Lexi Scherr Facebook Page.

New York based pop artist surprises with cool and fresh single ‘Ready Aim Fire’
The name Lexi Scherr might not ring a bell yet, but this pop singer-songwriter from New York is working hard to earn a breakthrough in the music industry. Although her usual style could be described as pop based on strings, piano, percussion and guitar, the track that caught my attention at first was her synth pop adventure ‘Ready Aim Fire’, which she recorded over an instrumental by producer Cosmic Retro. This song was launched in the first week of July and if that wasn’t enough, she followed this up with the single ‘All Take’, the first song released from her upcoming EP with the same name.

The single ‘Ready Aim Fire’ was quickly picked up by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRECord on TV and I can see why. From the first notes, the track breathes a fresh atmosphere with Lexi’s smooth vocals and the great use of the synths by Cosmic Retro. Lexi spoke to Indietronica about the collaboration: “When I found his track I felt compelled to jump on with a melody and lyrics that could do his amazing instrumental justice. He’s fantastic!” I can add that Cosmic Retro is not the only one that did a fantastic job in this story as Scherr came up with a chorus that feels natural, like the instrumental was always supposed to be the background of her vocals and lyrics. The catchiness and slight laidback vibe of melody she wrote just complements the production very well and makes it suitable for your average summer day chillings.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Ready Aim Fire’ is not really similar to the sound that Lexi Scherr usually produces. The new single ‘All Take’ might be a better example of this, as it is the title track of her upcoming debut EP. In comparison, this one is less light hearted and contains more raw vocals. The instrumental has a bluesy vibe and the strings bring in an Eastern sounding breeze. The chorus is powerful and shows Lexi’s feisty side. This talented young lady from New York will definitely have my attention in the coming months, as she already showed diversity and lots of potential.

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