Song of the Day: Mathew V – Can’t Wait To Forget

Mathew V Can't Wait To Forget cover

Remember Mathew V, whom I introduced on this blog a couple of months ago? The young singer-songwriter from Vancouver released his single ‘I’m A Bitch’, a soulful and uptempo pop song full of sass and attitude. It earned him quite some attention on the web and a place in the Canadian iTunes charts. I featured him as ‘Song of the Day’ and the good news is, he earned himself another one with his new single called ‘Can’t Wait To Forget’. He replaced the sassiness with some end-of-relationship drama on this one and pulls it off just as convincingly.

The soulful vibes that we heard on his first track are present on ‘Can’t Wait To Forget’ as well, but in a more unusual way. The track could be described as midtempo with big vocals and an ear catching electronic production that seems quite unusual for this type of song. It works surprisingly well though and gives the song a powerful edge, although the lyrics deal with a painful break up which leaves Mathew wishing he could just forget his ex-lover. His vocals are strong once again and even get some effects on them in the intro and middle eight to add to the electronic vibe. He shows he is capable of getting this emotional story across as well, both vocally and visually. The video is effective in telling the story behind the lyrics and his styling is very much on point. Just imagine the visual drama he would unleash upon us once he starts working with a huge budget. We might experience that one day soon as I think he just got one step closer to his big breakthrough.

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