Single Review: Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown – Body On Me

Rita Ora Chris Brown Body On Me

Rita Ora collaborates with Chris Brown on steamy duet
I always find Rita Ora a curious case in the pop landscape of today. Although the singer has been very successful in the UK with four number 1 hits in just a few years time, those singles weren’t really international smashes or classics with staying power. Still she is a popular subject of rumours in the tabloid press and she knows how to stay in the spotlights which often is not music related. After her number 3 hit ‘Poison’ that came out earlier this summer, she is now back with ‘Body On Me’, a steamy duet with Chris Brown.

Musically, Rita Ora’s singles are always catchy and well produced, but quite faceless at the same time, as they could have been released by Rihanna as well or any other contemporary pop star who sings other composers’ hit tracks. Not much changed with the new track ‘Body On Me’. It’s a solid pop track that is tailormade for radio, but there is nothing really exciting about it at the same time. The chorus is catchy, but the ‘heyos’ and the ‘aiaiais’ sound a bit too obvious and lazy if you ask me. It’s nice that Chris Brown decided to join for the second verse, but it’s not like he really adds something unmissable to the track. Of course the sensual theme suits the idea of a duet, but their parts never really come together so you do not feel the chemistry pouring out of your speakers. ‘Body On Me’ is not a bad song and will definitely earn her another hit single, but it’s not the defining moment she needs to become a worldwide pop sensation.

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