Single Review: Gabrielle Aplin – Sweet Nothing

Gabrielle Aplin Light Up The Dark

Gabrielle Aplin drops new single ‘Sweet Nothing’
Gabrielle Aplin is in full promotion mode for the release of her upcoming second album Light Up The Dark. She premiered the title track in May and a month or two later she followed this up with ‘Heavy Heart’. This week it was time for the launch for the video of the third single, called ‘Sweet Nothing’. If you ask me, Gabrielle just released the best song of this era yet.

She showed her sound changed quite a bit over the past few years. Gone were the sweet singer-songwriter songs on an acoustic guitar. She replaced this with rocky guitar rifs and an in your face chorus on ‘Light Up The Dark’ and ‘Heavy Heart’ is a dark ballad that was not written based on the piano, like most of Aplin’s slower songs. The new single ‘Sweet Nothing’ is definitely the most radio friendly out of the three. The chorus swings and the uplifting vibe in the melody is contagious. The lyrics are not that happy at all, but they are quite brilliant: “You think you understand me, but I don’t even understand me” is a great pop lyric, isn’t it? The overall vibe of the track is slightly similar to Florence + the Machine on their first record Lungs, but of course their voices are completely different. Aplin still has that soft tone and sweetness in her vocals, but she uses it differently now and it fits these bigger and bolder tracks well! ‘Sweet Nothing’ might be her first charts hit from this era if radio gives her the support she deserves!

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