Single Review: Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach

Lana del Rey High by the Beach cover

Lana Del Rey is back on track with release of ‘High By The Beach’
It’s quite a rewarding thing to be a fan of Lana Del Rey. The singer-songwriter and pop star has been very productive over the past few years with two albums, a re-release and some soundtracks for movies. In September she will release her next record called Honeymoon, only somewhat more than a year after Ultraviolence came out. The title track which was released last month, was quite a disappointment, but Lana Del Rey is back on track with the launch of second single ‘High By The Beach’.

What the song ‘Honeymoon’ so desperately missed was a sticking melody. The atmosphere and her vocals were nice and all, but this doesn’t work when there is no strong hook to sell this on. Luckily, ‘High By The Beach’ is catchy as hell and the chorus is the most infectious melody she wrote in quite some time. The repetitions of the lyrics and Lana’s sensual vocalsĀ are quite hypnotizing. Sonically, the song lies closer to her Born To Die era, because of the use of some hip-hop beats and a more electronic production, which actually sounds quite futuristic this time with all kinds of bleeps, in comparison to the band sound of Ultraviolence. Lyrically, Del Rey does what she does best with a story about a dysfunctional relationship, without repeating herself too much. Now all I want to do is get high by the beach listening to this song!

Update: The video for ‘High By The Beach’ is out and these are here best visuals since the epic short movie for ‘Ride’. Lana walks around in a deserted beach house while a helicopter flies in front of it and you are kind of wondering what the meaning is of it all. But when you are Lana, what do you do when you are stalked by a guy circling in front of your window? Exactly! You run to the beach where you hide your gigantic machine gun in a guitar case and you shoot the motherf**ker down. The absurdity of it all is brilliant and Lana plays her part really well. I also love the detail of the paper in the water with the text: “Anyone can start again. Not through love, but through revenge. Through the fire we’re born again. Peace by vengeance brings the end”, the lyrics she mumbles towards the end. is She officially is back!

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