Single Review: Emmelie De Forest – Hopscotch

Emmelie De Forest Hopscotch cover

Emmelie De Forest back with infectious new single
Emmelie De Forest conquered Europe in 2013 by winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark with the track ‘Only Teardrops’. After a clear victory, her single charted high across Europe and she quickly launched her debut album. A year later she was in the spotlights once more when she sang ‘Rainmaker’ at Eurovision in Copenhagen. After this, she only released the beautiful ballad ‘Drunk Tonight’, that did not manage to impress in the charts. Now she is back to try her luck again with the brand new single ‘Hopscotch’, in a whole different style.

After the folky pop of ‘Only Teardrops’ and ‘Rainmaker’, Emmelie now goes for straight forward pop with some beats and incredibly catchy hooks. The song immediately starts with the infectious chorus that is repeated throughout the song quite some times. When I heard the track for the first time, it sounded a bit simple and maybe too easy, but after a few listens you have no other option than to go on board with the ‘hopscotch’. It’s actually a well written and lively piece of edgy pop, that reminds me of the style of the also Danish electronic pop artist Oh Land. De Forest explained in a message on Facebook that the track is about the hectic life she has lived over the past couple of years. Emmelie is planning to release an EP later this year, so things will stay rather busy for the Danish pop starlet!

Update: The video for the single is out and it might be Emmelie’s best so far! It’s fun, colourful and sexy. Perfect for summer and of course it involves the hopscotch!

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