Single Review: Loreen – I’m In It With You

Loreen I'm In It With You cover

Loreen comes back strong with dramatic ballad
Loreen, who had a huge international hit with ‘Euphoria’ after she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, is all set to release a new single, called ‘I’m In It With You’, co-written by pop star Kiesza and producers Espen Berg and Simen M. Eriksrud, on the 14th of August. Unfortunately for her and her team, the track already leaked on the 11th. Actually, it’s not that unfortunate for us, because now we get to enjoy this epic ballad a little earlier! Loreen does not shy away from a little drama in her songs and performances and that is exactly what makes ‘I’m In It With You’ completely amazing!

Loreen started the promotion of her upcoming sophomore album in May when she released the single ‘Paper Light (Higher)’. The uplifting and light pop dance song was another great release from the Swedish pop star and earned her a moderate hit in her home country. Now she is back with the second single from the next project and if there is still any justice in the pop world of today, this should be her first international hit since the release of ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’ after Eurovision.

‘Im In It With You’ could be described as a ballad, but definitely not in the traditional way. The song is based on a rich electronic production that elevates the soaring melody of the chorus. The other factor that brings the power in the track, is of course Loreen’s incredibly strong and emotive voice. ‘I’m In It With You’ is about being there for a person no matter what happens and the huge chorus brilliantly gets across the emotions of the lyrics and it also delivers a memorable hook that could make a successful radio hit. With the right amount of promo this song could go all the way!

Loreen just released the video for ‘I’m In It With You’ and it’s not quite what you would expect from the usually so peaceful singer. She is actually on a rampage with her female gang. It puts the song in the perspective of always sticking together with your friends. The ending was a little unexpected though…

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