Song of the Day: Shel – You Could Be My Baby

shel you could be my baby

You thought Haim and the Germein Sisters were special with their bands consisting of three sisters? Wait till you hear Shel, a band from Nashville consisting of the 4(!!) sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza (their first letters make up the band name) that recently started to work with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. They signed with his label and he helped them with the production of their first big single called ‘You Could Be My Baby’. The result is a country inspired pop track with a haunting chorus.

‘You Could Be My Baby’ driven by guitar, piano, drums and a bit of violin in the chorus. They found a good balance between some country influences with enough cross over appeal to become a pop radio hit. The chorus is very catchy in a sort of hypnotic way. The repetition of the line ‘You could be my baby, you seem just crazy enough to love’ is infectious but kind of creepy at the same time and that is exactly what they are going for judging by the line ‘sanity is just a cage’ and the overall vibe of the pretty outstanding video. They are all styled very well and walk around in a somewhat spooky house where they seem possessed. The visuals fit perfectly well with the vibe of the song. Well done sisters!

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