Song of the Day: Alex Maxwell – Drive

Alex Maxwell Drive cover

London-based artist Alex Maxwell is one to watch. The 21-years-old pop singer and songwriter was the first British artist to sign with the Disney Music Group, via Hollywood Records UK. She just released her first big single called ‘Drive’ and it is produced by The Flight, who previously worked with Lana Del Rey and the Swedish-Australian twins of Say Lou Lou. The result is a pop track that is stylistically quite similar to the work of Lana Del Rey and Lorde, which is of course never a bad thing.

‘Drive’ could be described as noir pop with electronic influences. The verses start out with a minimalistic slow beat, but the track builds up to a soaring chorus with a melodically strong bridge as well. Lyrically the track is more than decent with a story about a road trip at night where she refers to her and her partner in crime als ‘kings of the highway’: “Burning up in the back of your car. Keep the engine running, I want to go far”, is a clever play with words within the theme. Based on this track we can conclude that Alex Maxwell has a huge vocal talent as well, from low and dark tones in the verses to high flying notes in the chorus. Now this is how you do a debut single! Takes notes I’d say!

Update: Alex Maxwell released the video for ‘Drive’. She looks like a pop star and makes a handsome male model come over to her by car, while she hides between fickering neon signs. Fits perfectly with the vibe of the track. So now that a video is out, ‘Drive’ is ready for chart domination!

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