Single Review: Demi Lovato – Confident

Demi Lovato Confident
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Demi Lovato is ‘Confident’ on second single
Demi Lovato unleashed her brand new image and attitude on us earlier this summer when the first track of her upcoming fifth album came out, called ‘Cool For The Summer’. Demi showed a more sexy and sensual side of herself with confidence and the overall vibe of the track was poppy but with an edge. She is going for the same kind of result on second single ‘Confident’, but with a not so convincing result.

Where ‘Cool For The Summer’ had the huge chorus and melody to back the attitude up and gave room for some unusual choices when it comes to the production, ‘Confident’ just doesn’t have the same power. The chorus is basically the repetition of the sentence ‘What’s wrong with being confident?’ in an almost whispering kind of singing, slightly similar to the build up in Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’. The difference however is that ‘Problem’ sounded completely contemporary, while ‘Confident’ could have been a Lindsay Lohan single from 2005 or the follow up to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ from 2010. While star producer Max Martin worked some magic for Demi on ‘Cool For The Summer’, this time he fails to make the song sound relevant in today’s pop landscape. This does not necessarily say the track is bad though, as it is a well crafted song and Demi gives it her all with some Jessie J like ad lips. To these ears it just sounds outdated and out of touch with the sound of 2015 and that’s why I think it will be hard for her to make a hit out of ‘Confident’.

Update: The video might help a little with this though! She went all in with a video co-starring Michelle Rodriguez and directed by Roberto Rodriguez. We see a ‘confident’ Demi imprisoned and soon fighting a whole gang with a spectacular escape out of a van!

Watch the video on Vevo.

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