Song of the Day: Lena – Wild & Free

Lena - Wild & Free

It is about two months ago that Lena released her fourth studio album called Crystal Sky. It seems she and her team want to move on already as her brand new single ‘Wild & Free’ just premiered on German radio. The track is not included on the album, but might have something to do with the soundtrack of a new German comedy. This is not confirmed however and all we know for sure is that the track will be released on the 11th of September and that it is another catchy pop tune, like you would expect from the former Eurovision winner.

It seems a strange move to already move on with a completely new song when you have so many suitable tracks left to promote the album (like ‘The Girl’, ‘Beat To My Melody’, ‘Invinsible’ and more) with after the successful single ‘Traffic Lights’. At the same time I think the new track ‘Wild & Free’ will do well in German charts and on German radio as well as it is very catchy and accessible with its ‘go oh oh oh’ chorus. The production is contemporary and it actually sounds similar to the successful pop sound you can find in the charts right now. Stylistically, the track is a little less electronic than the material on Crystal Sky and lies closer to ‘Stardust’, which was a big hit for her so that’s not a bad thing. Although the release strategy seems a bit weird, Lena just delivers another fine pop jam!

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