Single Review: Mørland – No Firewall

Morland No Firewall cover

Mørland does it on his own on first single after Eurovision
It has been a crazy year so far for Mørland. The singer-songwriter won the Norwegian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with his own heartbreakingly beautiful composition ‘A monster Like Me’ which he performed together with Debrah Scarlett. The duo reached a respectable 8th place in the final of the contest in Vienna. As they already announced in an interview with A Bit of Pop Music in April, they would be mainly operating as solo artists after Eurovision and so Mørland now launches a new single on his own, called ‘No Firewall’.

Mørland signed a deal with Sony Music and this is the first single of his post Eurovision career. ‘No Firewall’ starts out as a guitar driven ballad, but by the time the chorus comes in you realize that we are actually dealing with quite a break up anthem here. The drums roll in for the second verse and the song just gets bigger and better. The ‘I’m alone again, life with no firewalls’ parts followed by the ‘oh oh’ chants are very catchy and radio friendly. If that all wasn’t enough, we get not one but two bridges! The first vocal one is vulnerable and moving and the second one is driven by violins and builds up to that last explosive chorus we were waiting for. Kjetil Mørland explained how the track was inspired by a friend who experienced a rough break up. The lyrics deal with the period after a long relationship, where you have to deal with everything on your own outside of the safe space you were in before. A beautiful story, packed in a hit worthy anthem that should be all over radio this fall!

Update: The video is out and it features Mørland alone at sea, almost drowning, but getting back into his boat again and finally doing some dances around a fire. Nice metaphors for having to deal with life alone again!

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