Single Review: Ruth Lorenzo – 99

Ruth Lorenzo 99 cover

Ruth Lorenzo returns to English with new single ’99’
Spanish pop star Ruth Lorenzo has come a long way since she auditioned for X Factor UK in 2008. The singer started her musical career in English, but did not manage to set the charts on fire after her fifth position in the live shows. Until she won the Spanish preselection of Eurovision in 2014 with ‘Dancing In The Rain’. She finished in top 10 at the contest as well and became a major name in Spain. She released her debut album Planeta Azul with the fantastic single ‘Gigantes’ and in October a re-release of the record will happen. Ruth has her eyes set on international success again with the English languaged hit to be, ’99’.

While Ruth Lorenzo used her powerful vocals mostly for ballads on the first edition of Planeta Azul, she now is back with uptempo radiofriendly pop. ’99’, referring to the year 1999, is one of those songs that reminisces about a past romance that still feels like yesterday with some music references as well. Ruth still recalls how she and her lover ‘drank to that John Legend song’ for example. The breezy production perfectly underlines the atmosphere created by the lyrics. Sonically, ’99’ reminds somewhat of the current pop sound of Taylor Swift, for example on her track ‘Out of the Woods’. This is never a bad thing though, considering the success the American singer-songwriter gained over the past few months. Let’s hope Ruth manages to get another hit in Spain and maybe even internationally with this infectious piece of pop.

Update: Ruth premiered the video for ’99’ and it features a lot of beautiful scenes. Of course the video looks back on a love affair from the past and we see a lot of gorgeous close ups of Ruth. The firework backdrop during the last chorus is a great moment!

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