Song of the Day: Alida – When I Die

Alida When I Die cover

Remember Alida? This young Norwegian talent impressed online with her debut single called ‘Feathers’ in 2013, another great piece of infectious, electronic pop from Scandinavia. She followed the release up with the equally brilliant ‘Some Of Us’ later that year. In 2014 an EP called To Where We Reside followed and then things got rather quiet around the promising red haired pop star, but today is the day of her glorious return. She just launched the brand new single ‘When I Die’ and it is everything I was hoping for and a bit more.

Alida’s material so far has been insanely catchy with light electronic productions and choruses that sound like falling into a pool of glitters (at least that is how I imagine it to be). These days seem over for a bit. Alida sounds darker these days and ‘When I Die’ takes the electronic part of her music further with edgier productions than ever before. The build up is not really poppy as the chorus is only supported by a minimal but deep bass sound. It sounds lush and exciting however! The vocal breakdown after the chorus is a big moment and makes you want to throw your hands in the air and sing along with the ‘aaah’s. The track is brilliantly produced and the dark lyrics fit the overall sound. “Holding close the flowers that are dying, sailing desperately the ship that’s sinking”, she sings, almost whispering with her very own vocal style that seems tailormade for this kind of electro pop. Alida definitely steps up her game on this one and I can’t wait for more!

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