Introducing: Lauren Winans

lauren winans sexy goodbye

Lauren Winans brings sexy back on new single
If you take a look at the pop stars that are emerging over the past few months, and maybe even years, it might occur to you that most of them are not really pop in its purest sense. They mix poppy elements with alternative styles, electro, singer-songwriter folk and so on. While all of this is absolutely great in terms of diversity and stuff, sometimes all we need is a pop banger with a killer chorus. The kind of track you would have playbacked with a hairbrush in the mirror when you were still twelve (only to find out years later that it was rather inappropriate with those lyrics) or to which you would have done your first sexy dance with your high school crush. Thank god we now have Lauren Winans to bring all those vibes on her new single ‘Sexy Goodbye’.

Somehow this single takes me back to the age that the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were growing up in the purest pop forms with some little hints of R&B in the beats. There is something about ‘Sexy Goodbye’ that makes it so bubblegum poppy in the best possible way with an insanely catchy chorus that keeps haunting you after you heard the track for the first time. This is not to say that her collaboration with rapper Ice Cold Jay sounds outdated by the way, as it would not sound out of place on radio these days. Lauren co-wrote the track herself with the help of Mike Krompass (who worked with Cassadee Pope before), Kelly Moneymaker and Andrew Fromm (Who worked with Backstreet Boys, Jesse McCartney and NSYNC, maybe explaining the old school pop vibe) and it is about a relationship that is coming to an end, while the sexual attraction is still there.

Lauren has a cute girly voice that perfectly fits with this type of sexy and sensual pop song. She is a beautiful blonde girl who, judging upon the video previews, will be able to pull this off on camera as well. This kind of straightforward pop singer is scarce at the moment and it seems Lauren is willing to fill that void!

Update: In the meantime Lauren recorded a video for her single and she created a visual that fits the track perfectly together with director Grant Claire. We see Lauren at home, just hanging around in sexy lingerie. She spoke to Wonky Sensitive about the video and explained: “Grant Claire was such an awesome director for this video. I loved working with him. It was my first time shooting in lingerie, and he made it feel that was a normal thing to do on a Friday afternoon. Nothing was awkward. It was just fun.” Well Lauren, for us it’s fun to look at so thanks for recording!

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