Song of the Day: Raphaella – Fall


Raphaella is another promising, upcoming artist in the electronic indie pop scene. Although this genre is quite crowded these days, this young woman from English, Scottish and Persian descent, knows exactly how to set herself apart from the rest with an interesting and eclectic mix of styles in her music. In the biography on her website she expains how she wants to incorporate her dual heritage into her art and this becomes clear when listening to the pretty fabulous new solo single, called ‘Fall’.

Raphaella has been gaining some momentum recently thanks to a collaboration with Headhunterz called ‘To Be Me’, but she shows she can do it on her own as well. ‘Fall’ is a suspenseful, electronic pop track with emotive vocals and a powerful chorus that repeats a vocal sample and the lyrics ‘I know you’ll catch me’ and ‘fall, fall, fall’ keep haunting in a hypnotic way. The production sounds current and her hommage to her Persian roots in terms of instrumentation adds a fresh and exciting new layer that we haven’t heard before. Throughout the track you hear instrumentation that adds an oriental vibe to the song and especially in the middle-eight it plays an important role. She experiments with her vocal style as well towards the end which hints at her Persian background. Certainly an interesting mix and a very good track, that definitely makes me crave for more Raphaella!

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