Single Review: Selena Gomez – Same Old Love

Selena Gomez Same Old Love

Selena Gomez launches another exciting pop gem
Selena Gomez came back swinging in June with the release of the unexpected, but impressive single ‘Good For You’. She showed her sexy and mature side and that sounded a lot better than everything she had ever put out before, both vocally and musically. Now she goes on with the promotion of upcoming second solo album Revival and the next single is called ‘Same Old Love’.

And thank god, this second single is not a step back to predictable dance-pop. Quite the contrary actually, the track is produced very lightly and starts out with just a piano and finger snapping which is all it needs for most of the time. In the chorus some synths and drums kick in, but it all stays quite low key, which works perfectly in context to the message. This gives enough room to Gomez’s much improved vocals that make clear how she is ‘sick of that same old love’ and how her ‘body had enough’. The somewhat shouty chorus reminds slightly of the style of British pop star Charli XCX, which is not that strange as the singer co-wrote the song. Just like ‘Good For You’, ‘Same Old Love’ is not too obvious, but sounds damn good. Selena Gomez is well on her way to become a pop force to reckon with.

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